An Abbreviated History of the Ixworth Village

Ixworth has a long and varied history, managing to retain its own identity throughout the Roman and Saxon eras, up until today.

Ixworth was an important Roman settlement. Three ditches outline the east and south sides and rounded south-east angle of an enclosure, which is the remnants of a Roman fort. The visible portion of the east side is about 500 feet (152 m) long, of the south side about 450 feet (137 m), while there are faint indications that the full length of that side may have been as much as 625 feet (191 m).

An east gate is visible some 250 feet (76 m) north of the angle, and there used to be a south gate. A road system is related to these gates, but it is not clear from photographs whether all the system is original or whether in part it represents the former course of lanes which cross the site. Ixworth became an important junction in the Roman road system of East Anglia.

Articles on the history of Ixworth are given below and we hope to add to this section over time.



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