Vintage photos of the High Street and Stowmarket Road

We were fortunate to be passed two pictures from around the startĀ of the 20th century by an Ixworth resident. Two photos are shown below – one looking up the high street and one looking down Stowmarket Road.

Fascinating visual history and lovely to see how little has changed over the last century. If anyone has any similar photos then please email them through to us. Does anyone know the name of the Grocery shop at the start of Commister Lane?


Ixworth Village

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  1. Hellen Emblin says:

    I was born and brought up in Ixworth , up to the age of 21 years.
    My maiden name was Clements, mother’s maiden name Crosby.
    My nick name was Della…
    I remember these roads…when the grocers shop was owned but Delaforta… I played with their daughter. Their bedrooms had a connecting closet… Full of clothes hanging. It was fun to hide in there.
    I worked in Farrows bakers shop when I was a teenager. No one made custards /cream slices like “Rip ” Barber.

  2. Jill Palmer nee Roberts says:

    Hello there , I was brought up and went to the little village school until the Secondary modern was built . I left school from there in January 1960 .
    I lived in Comister Lane first , then in Stowmarket road on the left in picture opposite the farm.
    My father (Chris Roberts ) was bus driver and Forman fitter for Jack Mully (Mullys Motorway ) which is on left in picture just up from Dellafortries shop .
    I moved from Ixworth myself in 1964/5 but my parents Chris and Connie continued to live there well into their old age , hense I visited many times over the years .
    My only sadness about the village is that some one decided to remove the tree from the middle of the road at the junction at the bottom of High Street and Stowmarket Road .

    • david pearce says:

      My recollection was that it was struck by lightening in the night sometime around 1957. I was in bed above what was Miller’s shop, and remember being frightened by it. I suspect that was the rationale. At that time the old fire station was still there. My uncertain recollection was it was ‘Dan Dodman’s’
      I’m recollecting from early childhood, as my Grandparents (Donald and Mary Miller) left in 1961.

  3. john wilson says:

    Iused to live in Ixworth, i lived on the high street, i lived in the old police station at the bottom of the high street, my name is john wilson. i also went to ixworth secondary modern school, i always vissit the village when ever i come to suffolk.i have some fantastic memories of living there.

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