Ixworth History

map of bathing place

Ixworth’s Bathing Place

The earliest written reference to bathing in Ixworth comes in newspaper reports of August 1892. William Nichols had committed suicide in the river at the Abbey Meadows and the East Anglian Daily Times identified the spot as being near to Ixworth’s Bathing Place. What was probably quite a casual arrangement became more formal in July […]

The Ixworth Gang

  In February 1852 the Bury & Norwich Post said this: “The neighbourhood of Thetford has for several years been infested by a formidable gang of poachers, whose exploits have from time to time been referred to in our pages.  It is supposed to consist of as many as thirty, whose homes are chiefly in […]

Ixworth in 1625

The earliest known map of Ixworth was created in 1625 to show the land holdings of the Lord of the Manor John Carill Esq. That map was then copied by hand in 1834. The 1834 version was deteriorating when, in the 1970s, a local photographer recorded it. That record, in the form of a pair […]

The ‘New’ Greyhound – 100 Years Young

  The earliest reference to the Greyhound Inn that I can find is in an advert in the Suffolk Mercury in March 1728.  At that time it would have looked like many of the timber-framed, plastered buildings in the High Street. Then, early in February 1916, Mr H W Lake came along to the Ixworth […]

Drovers through Ixworth

Cattle in the High Street? (or even geese or turkey for that matter) It’s funny how something seemingly random sets off an interesting train of thought, is it not? In my case it was the discovery in a shed, of a seemingly unloved, though undeniably, battered old paperback dating back to the 1970s. It concerned […]
Robert Hector Reeve Ixworth

Robert ‘alias Hector’ Reeve of Ixworth

Robert Reeve was born in 1853 to William and Charlotte Reeve who lived in Thetford Road. I first found him at the Ixworth Petty Sessions in August 1870, fined for drunkenness at the Woolpack. In January 1871 he was given 14 days in gaol for disorderly conduct and in March convicted of assault and fined […]
Ixworth Village Stowmarket Road 1900

Vintage photos of the High Street and Stowmarket Road

We were fortunate to be passed two pictures from around the start of the 20th century by an Ixworth resident. Two photos are shown below – one looking up the high street and one looking down Stowmarket Road. Fascinating visual history and lovely to see how little has changed over the last century. If anyone has […]
Henry Ralph Cooper

Henry Cooper of Ixworth

Left Holding the Baby In February 1850 Henry Cooper, surgeon and general practitioner of Ixworth, entered the Police Court at Worship Street, Shoreditch. He was not charged with any offence, nor was he involved in litigation, he was simply seeking the advice of a magistrate regarding the unusual position in which he found himself. A month […]
Ixworth Church of England School - Past Students

Ixworth Church of England School – Early Years

Ixworth Church of England School (an insight into its earlier history via the school logs) All of you will know of the former village school located in Thetford Road, as even today the exterior is a dead give away of its original use. It was, however, way back in the year of 1840, to be […]
The Gloucester Hussars’ Camp at the Beeches

The Gloucester Hussars in Ixworth

In raiding the precious memories of local residents the Ixworth History Group found that several people had copies of two photographs of the Gloucester Hussars. One showed troops and horses encamped behind The Beeches in the High Street and the other was of three officers on horseback outside the Cyder House. No-one had any explanation […]

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