Ixworth History


The Boldero family – The Ixworth connection

Those of you who may have taken time out to wander around our village Church of St Mary’s to have a look at the architecture, plaques and gravestones may well have noted the distinctive family name of Boldero which appears in a number of places; several male members went to Cambridge and went on to […]
A Harold Clarke delivery to the Scole Inn

Boozy Ixworth – The influence of alcohol on Ixworth

At the bottom of the High Street stands the rather imposing Cyder House with a lovely timber-framed shop frontage next to it and a run of low brick buildings along the Bury Road.  This was home to the Ixworth Cyder Factory (Cyder House was only given that name in 1958, before that it was Trayton […]
Sign of The Greyhound pub ixworth

The Greyhound Inn | A Brief History

The Greyhound is a very familiar sight in the High Street but I have always been intrigued by the building as I could never work out its age; this is because it is very well disguised. In trying to find out more I discovered that little is known of its history – even Greene King […]
St Marys Church Ixworth Tower

Symbolism on the tower of St Mary the Virgin

Many of you in the village will be very familiar with our local Anglican church – St Mary the Virgin Church, but I wonder whether you often lift your eyes above shoulder height to really take in the magnificent west tower? The tower (started about 1471) is very impressive with walls at least 6 feet […]
Ixworth Methodist Church - 1903

Ixworth Methodist Church – Past and Present

A Brief History of Ixworth Methodist Church – Past & Present. Written by Tessa W. Ixworth History Group. May 2013. The photograph below is titled ‘Visit of General Booth’ and dated 1903-1904. The scene is obviously outside Ixworth Methodist Church in the High Street. William Booth (10 April 1829 – 20 August 1912) was a […]
A World First for Ixworth

A World First for Ixworth

During the late 19th century Ixworth could lay claim to fame, in fact a genuine World First, although the roots of this were not particularly glamorous. The items in question appear on the 1905 Ordinance Survey map, but not on the 1886 edition, which means they must have been constructed between these dates. In fact […]
The Dover House Spyhole and its View

Ixworth’s World War Two Defence

This fascinating article on Ixworth’s World War Two Defences was produced by The History Group of Ixworth. To download or view the original article please click on the link to the “Ixworth’s World War Two Defence” pdf. The Commanding Officer of the Home Guard in Ixworth was Major Gilbert Kilner; as well as being the […]
Joseph Warren

Joseph Warren – adopted son of Ixworth

Should you find yourself with a spare moment one day when you are in the vicinity of St Mary’s Church, then an assiduous search of the old Churchyard will finally reward your tenacity, as you will discover the gravestone of one Joseph Warren, another long forgotten, yet important, person from our village’s long history. Not […]
The Home Guard in Ixworth

The Home Guard in Ixworth

On the evening of 14th May 1940 Anthony Eden, the Secretary of State for War, made a broadcast to the nation calling on able-bodied men between the ages of 17 and 65 to go to their local Police Station and enrol in the Local Defence Volunteers (LDV). The war in Europe was not going well; […]

Ixworth from the Normans to the 17th Century

For the next hundred years, life was quite settled. A market was held every Friday and a fair on May Day. Another fair was thrown mid October. Research has even shown that taxes were collected at the Pykkerel Inn, which has kept its name to date and still sits on the High Street. During this […]

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