Ixworth after the snow

A series of photos from around Ixworth after the recent snow fall. The blanket of snow across the village creating the perfect winter views during a morning walk.

Ixworth Village

The Ixworth Village website is run by a committee and looks after the interests of the village online. We are independent of any village organisation and interest and take a long term interest in the village.

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  1. In 1958-9 I lived at 11 Stow Lane Way in Ixworth. Can anyone please tell me if that house still exists? It was in a row of houses, all having common walls. Across the way was a very old cemetery, and within walking distance was a knoll called “Castle Hill”. The latter was claimed to be covering a castle.
    My oldest daughter was 9 years old at that time, and we’d love to visit, but not if everything has gone “in the name of progress”.
    I’d very much appreciate any information anyone can give me! I am in Arizona, USA now.
    Thank you,
    Harriet Gilbert

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