Ixworth St Mary’s High School

After a tweet was picked up this morning we now understand that there are plans afoot for a second middle school in Ixworth – nicknamed “Beccles v.2” after a previous success.

The Diocesan Board of Education, with the support of the Thurston Partnership, is considering applying to open a new Church of England secondary school in Ixworth in September 2014. With high aspirations for its students and drawing on the strengths of our community, it would be a small school with a distinctive Christian ethos.

They are asking the people of Ixworth if they would support this idea. You can find some background and more information on the sort of school we would like to open on this website.

It is a fairly interactive website that seems open to the idea of debate on the positives of opening such a school in the village – for more information see their website.

Ixworth Village

The Ixworth Village website is run by a committee and looks after the interests of the village online. We are independent of any village organisation and interest and take a long term interest in the village.

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  1. jayne says:

    Sadly you were wrong about the willingness to open a debate. I went to the first of the public meetings yesterday for Ixworth St Marys and they wouldn’t allow any open questions. It was very strange. One parent afterwards said, well if they won’t let us ask public questions what will they be like if the children want to ask a challenging question. The presentation was weak and dull and definately not as slick as the website. Very disappointing, i had hoped to be more impressed. I am passionate about retaining a school in Ixworth and had hoped that both bids might be equally good so that whichever one wins we would be ok, but after yesterday I feel that this one just hasn’t been well thought through and everything seemed pretty vague. Probably why they didn’t want to answer questions publicly. The other Seckford bid seems as you’d expect at least a year ahead in terms of how developed their ideas were and they have engaged with parents much more positively.

    • Kate says:

      Well, that’s really interesting. I went to the meeting too and came away with a very differnet impression. I thought the presentation was really good – they seemed professional with a thought out plan. I got a chance to talk to one of the team afterwards and ask my quesiton then. Seckford were there the next night and they seemed ok, but they are based miles away. And they won’t even have their own headteacher. Lots of gimmicks too – not just the tshirts but all that stuff about a “restaurant”. I really want a school here too, but I don’t trust the Seckford school people.

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